About Me

I’m Heather Schofner, a photographer based in Olympia, WA. I’ve been shooting and printing photos since I was a little tyke. As early as age 6 my mother would give me her point and shoot 35mm camera to play with and I’d go to town setting up my teddy bears for portrait sessions. I’d cut roses from the garden and spray them with water, trying to get that “dewy flower” look.

My interest in photography didn’t fade over the years, and I had my first experience in a black and white darkroom in the sixth grade, shooting photos and developing my own film and prints during a workshop at summer camp. I did more of the same in high school, working with black and white photos. In college I worked on color, digital, and studio photography.

Since graduating college, where I studied writing and photography, I have worked to find my place in the ever-changing land of photography. I’ve been staying true to myself, shooting photos of subjects I find beautiful and interesting. As an ex-dancer (I did tap, jazz, and ballet for 11 years, and taught gymnastics) I am attracted to the local performance art and burlesque scenes. I also enjoy shooting portraits, live music, nature, weddings, boudoir, and more.

I’ve completed two “365” daily photo projects and I’ve been voted Best Photographer in the Weekly Volcano’s “Best Of Olympia” Reader’s poll twice — once in 2015, and another time in 2016. I always have multiple art projects going on and love working with unique clients. Contact me — let’s capture some memories and make some art!